Gundabad Berserkers

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Gundabad Berserkers are an excellent elite unit for an Azog’s Legion army. The combination of their high Strength value, multiple attacks and the ability to take a variety of weapons allows them to butcher their foes with sheer brutality. On top of this, the Gundabad Berserkers are bloodthirsty killers driven into madness by the spilling of blood. Blinded by the frenzy that overtakes them, they are oblivious to the pain that is inflicted by their foes, allowing them to fight on even with debilitating injuries. This kit includes three Gundabad Berserkers and a total of nine weapon options: three swords, three axes and three two-handed picks, allowing you to equip your Berserkers with whichever combination of weapons you wish.

This is a multipart resin kit that includes multiple weapon options and makes three complete miniatures. 3 25mm round bases are included.

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