Star Trek Mark X Medical Tricorder Prop Replica

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Star Trek Mark X Medical Tricorder Prop Replica:

    Tricorder seen in DS9 and Voyager!
    Star Trek replica created from the original master tooling.
    Screen-accurate lights and sounds, plus a removable hand scanner.
    From Roddenberry. Hand built in the USA.

The Mark X Medical Tricorder as conceived and hand built by the team of Moore and Horch for use on Star Trek became the next generation of Federation tricorder. This version was smaller, had more flashing lights, and could last longer on a set of batteries than the previous generations. Used on Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and the last three Star Trek movies, this prop is replicated here from original master tooling. This sensational reproduction features an authentic LED sequence and graphic overlays, along with screen-accurate sound effects (including "ratchet open" feature) and a removable hand scanner with independent LED effects! It comes with a custom display stand and certificate of authenticity. Dr. McCoy could have used one of these!

The tricorder of the 23rd century was a heavy, black, rectangular device with a small screen and a shoulder strap. The medical variants of this model had the detachable scanner stored in the bottom when not in use, as opposed to the front, giving this model the same overall profile regardless of its intended use. The 24th-century unit is a small, gray, square model with a flip-out panel to allow for a larger screen. Later on, this design was further refined with a slightly more angular appearance that was seen on most of the The Next Generation era movies, as well as later seasons of Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Company:     Roddenberry
Theme:     Star Trek
Product Type:     Prop Replicas
Weight:     3 lb

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