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Secutarii Hoplites go into battle armed with Arc Lances and Mag-inverter shields, weapons that enable them to hunt war machines and vehicles that would threaten their charges. Akin the arc mauls of the Skitarii Clade officers, and the far larger of the mighty Cerastus Knight-Lancers, the arc lance inflicts damage through short range blasts of coruscating energy that can burn through xeno technology and render mute the machine spirit of even the most heavily armoured vehicle. Mag-inverter shields provide the copious power needed by arc lances, and resists blows which would otherwise slay its bearer instantly through utilising a powerful and sophisticated inversion generator at the shield’s core.

The Secutarii Hoplites Upgrade Set is a 51 piece resin upgrade kit which includes all of the parts needed to upgrade a unit of ten Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii to Secutarii Hoplites. An alternative head is included to make one Secutarii Peltast Alpha.

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