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For millennia the Knight Households have stood strong, defending their homes from the xeno scourge and joining the Great Crusade to reclaim the lost worlds of humanity. Those with close ties to the Forge Worlds of the Mechanicum often fielded rarer Knights such as the Styrix and Magaera alongside Knight-Paladins, Knight-Errants and other common patterns.

The faceplate of a Questoris Knight can be as individual as the Scion piloting it, or be replicated through an entire Household, no matter the pattern of Knight wearing it. Across the vast network of Knight Worlds and Mechanicum forges, variations on standard templates are numerous. Divergences in technologies, materials, local lore and traditions can produce Knights with the same fearsome power but wildly different aesthetics.

This Imperial Knight Head can be used to personalise any plastic or resin Imperial or Questoris Knight from Forge World or Games workshop. It is a multi-part resin upgrade. You could use this head to personalise a Knight in your collection, or to give a unified look to every Knight in your Household.

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