Hired Guns: Yar Umbra & the Deserter

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None know the Deserter's identity, but his tattoos mark him as a veteran of the legendary Necromundan 8th. The crazy old soldier lives downhive in a booby-trapped warren, and there are few individuals as talented when it comes to laying traps or setting ambushes.

Both Yar Umbra and the Deserter can be hired by any gang in your games of Necromunda. Yar Umbra makes an excellent sniper, his long lasrifle perfect for picking off unwary gangers who find themselves out of cover. The Deserter can be used as a medic, and allows gangs that hire him to earn extra experience, representing the skills and knowledge he earned in service to the Emperor.

This 15-piece resin kit makes 2 miniatures, one for Yar Umbra and the other the Deserter.

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