Grombrindal And The Black Gobbo

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Legendary heroes, this Star Player duo can be used in games of Blood Bowl as long as one player has a Dwarf, Halfling, Human or Norse team and the other has a Chaos Renegade, Goblin, Orc or Underworld Denizen team. They’re not hired in the same way as other Star Players – things like contract negotiations, legal issues or basic civility are pretty alien to them, honestly – and both must appear in your game.

Grombrindal is looking in fine form: his miniature features a splendid shock of white hair and a magnificent beard covering a purposeful scowl, with plenty of Dwarven iconography appearing on his kit. The Black Gobbo is appropriately robed and behatted, with sneakily studded armour beneath the robes – and a bomb. He’s clutching a bomb. That probably isn’t going to end well.

These resin miniatures come as 8 components, and are supplied with 2 32mm Blood Bowl bases.

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