Lord Commander Eidolon of the Emperor's Children

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A skilled and aggressive warrior who specialised in striking down his foes with a single blow, Eidolon carried a master crafted thunder-hammer and archaeotech pistol in to battle, and made use of a jump pack to strike with speed and surprise. The surgeries he endured enhanced him with a sonic shrieker grafted into his larynx that produced a howl so destructive it could shatter bone and armour.

Lord Commander Eidolon is part of the Horus Heresy Character Series. He can be mounted on a removable display base depicting the remains of a shattered Deredeo pattern Dreadnought. A pair of optional heads, one helmeted and one bare, are included.

This is a complete, multi-part resin kit. It includes one 32mm round base and one 50mm round base.

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