Anacharis Scoria

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Virtually obscured beneath sinister machinery and grim augmentations, Anacharis Scoria is an impressive example of just how far the Legio Cybernetica will take their modification. Visible as a face beneath a cowl – itself almost indistinguishable from the robotics and other mechanical additions that dominate the model – even Scoria’s eyes have been replaced by optical implants that stare passively from within. Far more mass is given over to the aforementioned augmentations – Scoria is dwarfed by looming devices both offensive and defensive, with 5 claws, a tail weapon, 2 sets of sensors, a drill and a scanner dragging behind, supported by his 8 legs, mounted to hydraulics and ready for action. Anacharis Scoria features a sculpted base section, depicting him walking over a section of crumbling ruin.

This resin Character Series model comes as 37 components, and is supplied with an 80mm round base.

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