Jenetia Krole, Knight-Commander of the Silent Sisterhood

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This multipart resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble Jenetia Krole, Knight-Commander of the Silent Sisterhood, who can be added to Talons of the Emperor armies. Wearing ornate artificer armour covered in Imperial iconography, with an enhanced voidsheen cloak, she carries the Sword of Oblivion in her right hand – this is a hefty blade indeed, the length of Jenetia’s arm and half again. Stowed on her hip is an archaeotech pistol, whose holster is attached via a jewelled leather belt. The voidsheen cloak that billows out behind her has 2 attached purity seals, and Jenetia features a choice of 2 heads – 1 features a protective metal mask which shields the lower half of her face, the other head is bare; both heads are supplied with their own distinct hair options. The model is supplied with a 32mm round scenic base

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