Thranduil™, King of the Woodland Realm on Elk

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A swordsman of consummate skill, Thranduil is one of the mightiest heroes available, capable of hacking down countless enemies with his Elven blades. This resin model, which comes in a presentation box as part of The Hobbit: Motion Picture Trilogy™ Character Series, is a fantastically detailed rendition of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm charging into battle atop a powerful war Elk, blade held aloft. Not only does this model feature intricate details – the armour, hair and cloak of Thranduil as well as the mane of the Elk are picked out elegantly – but it features a lavishly-sculpted scenic base, depicting a broken archway and pillars with a slain enemy lying prone. The scenic base comes apart, and Thranduil can be lifted out on his own gaming base.

This resin kit comes as 19 components, and is supplied with a 50mm round base and a 105x70mm oval scenic base.

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