Iron Hills Dwarf Warriors

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Iron Hills Dwarves are the main warriors for both an Iron Hills and an Erebor Reclaimed force. This kit comes with 12 Iron Hills Dwarf Warriors, each armed with a spear and a shield and presented in a unique pose. The armies of the Iron Hills are the most formidable fighting force of their time and this is reflected in-game. The Iron Hills Dwarves are not only stronger than their kin from other strongholds, but are also clad in thick plated armour and carry large shields, making them incredibly tough in combat. They can also form a Shieldwall with other Iron Hills Dwarves nearby, locking together their shields to further increase their durability, making their lines all but impenetrable.

This highly detailed, multipart resin kit makes twelve Iron Hills Dwarf Warriors, each armed with a spear and sheild. 12 25mm round bases are included.

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