Lion El'Jonson – Primarch of the Dark Angels Legion

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Lion El'Jonson is sculpted in the midst of battle, swinging his sword down to slay the enemies of the Emperor. He can be assembled wielding either the Lion Sword or the Wolf Blade and even comes with a different scabbard for each. You can also decide whether the Primarch of the I Legion wears the legendary Lion Helm to complete his armour, known as the Leonine Panoply, or he goes bare headed. His gaming base features Lion El'Jonson standing atop a flight of rocky steps. This slots into a larger display base which creates a diorama where he is surrounded by defeated (or soon to be defeated) Night Lords.

The Primarch of the Dark Angels is supplied in 44 resin components, including a choice of two heads and a choice of sword and accompanying scabbard. He is supplied with a 40mm  base, which slots into an 80mm display base.

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