Incarnate Elemental of Beasts

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"Gunther Kolmar is dead, the beast took him while he battered it with his blessed hammer. Have neither seen nor heard it since. The Bloody Hidesman has taken his prey in the name of Taal and we left offerings in his wake. Kolmar was a food, but we have his journal here in Badderhof to appease Sigmar." —Journal Entry of Wilhelm Dieterich The Incarnate Elemental of Beast, known also as the Bloody Hidesman, the Horned Man or the Faceless Hunter is an Elemental spirit born from the Wind of Ghur, summoned through savage and secret rituals known to few humans outside the initiates of the Amber Order of Wizards as well as the dark lore of the Bray Shamans of the unholy Chaos Beastmen herds. It is a towering, half-human figure that embodies the ferocity and merciless hunger of the wild and contains within the turbulent spirits of numberless predators, both animalistic and cruel. Its taut-sinewed form springs and bounds with ease through the densest wood or barren moor, running down its prey without mercy or cease. Once it has brought them to ground it gores and rends its foes in an orgy of unrestrained bloodlust, whilst it howls alone can drive its enemies to flight in sheer horror. Those masters of the hidden lore of Ghur speak of bloody rites to be performed before a great idol of beast skulls and freshly flensed hides should one dare to call upon the power of the Bloody Hidesman, and the terrible price of doing so. But such is the dire need of these endless days of warfare that when the land is threatened, or the commanding wizard's desire for destruction or vengeance is sufficiently great, then the power of this Incarnate Elemental is brought forth to devour its master's chosen prey.

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