House Greim Military Attaché

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Sent down from the spires to aid affiliated gangs, Krieg Mesters offer tactical advice and oversee the field testing of House Greim-funded weaponry. Most gang leaders tolerate the presence of a Krieg Mester because of the wealth their Noble House offers, or because their own Clan House has coerced them into cooperation. Occasionally though, these noble officers really know what they are talking about, and some gangs have, on the advice of a Krieg Mester, managed to turn the tide against their enemies, or scrape victory in battles that seemed all but lost. Krieg Mesters are always accompanied by Jagerkin bodyguards – bonded servants drawn from veterans of the militia or the Imperial Guard.

Necromunda gangs with an Allegiance to Noble House Greim may hire a Military Attaché. The Krieg Mester offers strategic guidance (not to mention their finely crafted bolt pistol and power sword), while their mesh-armoured Jagerkin totes a versatile combat shotgun. Their service doesn’t come for free, of course, and your gang may be expected to contribute fighters to the House Greim militia from time to time.

This highly detailed resin kit comes in 12 components and makes one Krieg Mester and one Jagerkin bodyguard. It comes supplied with 2 Necromunda 25mm bases

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