King Dáin Ironfoot™ and Thorin III 'Stonehelm'

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Thorin III is the son of Dáin Ironfoot and has inherited much from his father, including the same martial prowess that Dáin was famed for. Though he has gained much from Dáin and is like his father in many ways, Thorin possesses a calmer and cool-headed nature, which lends itself well to tactical insight upon the battlefield. Yet this does not mean that he is less formidable when he goes to war, and those who underestimate the Dwarven prince are swiftly cut down. It was during the Battle of Dale where Thorin came into his own, driving back the Easterling forces from Erebor and avenging the death of his father.

Dáin Ironfoot, King Under the Mountain, and Thorin III Stonehelm are the beating heart of the Erebor Reclaimed army list. If you're looking to set your battles during the time of the War of the Ring, they're the perfect options to lead your Dwarves to victory. They also have the added advantage of being two of the mightiest Heroes available to the forces of Good!

This kit comprises 7 resin components with which you can assemble 1x Dáin Ironfoot, King Under the Mountain, and 1x Thorin III 'Stonehelm'. It comes supplied with 2x  25mm Round Bases.

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