Ogre Slavelord Braugh /UK Managers Recognition Gift 2004 (metal)

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Rules for Slavelord Braugh

Known to the Chaos Dwarfs as Ghrask Dragh, literally Corpse Slaver. Braugh Slavelord is a legend even amongst his own merciless peers. Ogre slavers are a common enough sight in the far corners of the world, but only one can claim to enslave his prey in death as well as life.

Braugh Slavelord Points: 445
Name M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Braugh 6 6 3 6 5 3 3 5 9
Slave 4 2 2 3 3 1 2 1 6

Weapons: Braugh wields the Soul-Binder Chains.

Armour: Braugh wears The Great Bullplate affixed to his gut.

Special Rules:

Soul-Binder Chains: These chains flail and writhe with necromantic sigils, lashing out and entangling those who seek to harm Braugh while he throttles them to death.
The Soul-Binder Chains count as paired magical close combat weapons, granting Braugh an extra attack. They count as magical. At the beginning of each combat phase Braugh may nominate an enemy model in base contact. That model loses a D3 attacks for that phase.

Stubborn: Braugh is stubborn, and given the fact they are attached to him so are his slaves. See the Warhammer rulebook for details.

Cause Fear: Braugh and his shambling retinue cause fear.

Slavelord: Braugh is surrounded by those who he has enchanted, many still attached to him by the chains he took from the necromancer's dungeon. Braugh begins the game with 12 slaves, these must form up with Braugh at the centre of the unit. This acts as a normal unit but with the exceptions listed below. These can be represented by virtually any humanoid model that can be mounted on a 20mm base although Braugh is invariably accompanied by a zombie or two. Such is the massive magic surrounding Braugh that these undead do not follow the usual rules for undead, but instead act as normal. Braugh benefits from a "Look Out Sir!" roll as long as there are at least 5 slaves in his unit. He may not voluntarily leave his unit under any circumstances.

The Great Bullplate: Braugh Slavelord's gutplate is chained directly into his flesh. Bearing the skull of a sacred cavebeast and enchanted by the Slaughtermaster of Braugh's  former tribe this artifact bestows speed and ferocity on those around it.
The Great Bullplate allows Braugh and his minions to charge 12" instead of the 8" normally allowed by a Movement of 4. Despite not being in a unit of three or more Ogres Braugh may still make a Bull Charge if the other criteria are met.

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