Dáin Ironfoot™, Lord of the Iron Hills

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In the Strategy Battle Game, Dain Ironfoot is both a fearsome warrior and an excellent leader, ideal for commanding your ranks of Iron Hills Dwarves in battle. This kit comes with two versions of Dain, one mounted upon his iconic war boar and one on foot incase he should become dismounted during the game. Dain is one of the best fighters available to the forces of Good. Incredibly tough and strong, he can effortlessly wield his great two-handed hammer, crushing the skulls of his enemies with terrifying ease. Upon his war boar Dain is capable of smashing through ranks of enemies, leaving untold devastation in his wake. Even on foot Dain is a formidable opponent, using his own thick skull as a weapon should the need arise. Powerful though he is, perhaps his greatest strength is the courage he inspires in his army. The sight of this mighty Dwarven lord upon the battlefield drives his followers onwards to deeds of great valour, braving any threat they find themselves facing.

This highly detailed, multipart resin kit makes two models: Dain Ironfoot on foot and Dain Ironfoot mounted on his War Boar. Each model wears heavy Dwarf armour and wields a two-handed hammer. A 40mm round base and a 25mm round base are included.

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